A Spanish SME offers a new technology enabling real time 3D data streaming to be applied in multiple fields like education, sports, video games, health or construction

A Spanish SME offers a new technology enabling real time 3D data streaming to be applied in multiple fields like education, sports, video games, health or construction
A Spanish SME has designed a wireless technology that streams real time volumetric data via a central server to any compatible software. The prototype is a small, portable, cheap, easy to use and all-in-one device. It has low latency and high data compression, in stark contrast to the current systems providing the same result. The company is offering this technology to be applied on multiple purposes under commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreements.
The limited company born on the southeast coast of Spain, has expertise in the fields of 3D scanning, 3D design, photogrammetry, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications and applied computer vision. It is currently focused on hardware development for those fields, working with many different 3D file formats like those used in 3D scanners. 

On one hand, current methods for virtualizing and sending volumetric streamed data require a lot of resources, time and experience, not to mention if you require real time data. In any kind of situation where an average user wants to digitalize a 3D static or moving object or person in real time, the current systems are too complex and costly to put them into use. On the other hand, compared with traditional video streaming, volumetric streamed data offers an immersive experience using 3D gadgets, like VR glasses. 

A few examples of fields in which these volumetric systems could be applied are:

· Occupational risk prevention: supervise and improve the posture of workers in offices or factories.
· Health: postural and motor analysis.
· Education: represent the teacher as a volumetric stream within a 3D environment to increase immersion of students during online classes.
· Construction: real time transmission of processes on construction sites directly to technical offices in order to provide executive decisions. 

The Spanish company has been working on this technology from early 2018 when they developed their first prototype. Since then they have created a portable handheld device that is capable of capturing raw volumetric data and transmitting it wirelessly via a central server system to any receiving software made capable of interpreting the data. Its current ease of use, low cost and small form factor, coupled with the ability to stream the data anywhere in the world with an internet connection means that an average user can easily use this technology. It can be used in any situation that requires the use of real time volumetric video inside a virtual environment like education, sports, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or video games.

The Spanish company is offering this technology to any costumer that want to apply it to a specific sector, offering technical assistance for its implementation. In addition, the SME is offering it to developers of end user applications through technical cooperation agreements, to deploy high added value solutions adapted to specific sectors. 
Some of the main advantages are:

·It can capture and send volumetric streamed data anywhere with an average internet connection.
·It is cheaper to other 3D capture devices (i.e. 3D scanners) taking into consideration that in this case the device captures and sends data from movable objects.
·It is small, portable and easy to use, which implies that can be used by an average non specialized user.
·The obtained and transferred point cloud could be applied both in currently existing 3D design programs and in specific custom developed applications.
Prototype available for demonstration
: Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
Private (in-house) research
Sample of volumetric streamed data obtained in a mobile phone

Prototype available for demonstration

Elements used to virtualize and send volumetric streamed data

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Partner Sought
There are two different options envisaged for the international cooperation:

1. Commercial agreement with technical assistance in which the Spanish SME will provide the developed technology (hardware and associated software) to be applied on a specific sector.

2. Technical cooperation agreement. In this case the Spanish company is looking for a partner that can create end user applications with the goal of being easy to use and intuitive. The Spanish SME would contribute with the hardware and software required to capture, transmit and receive the data, while the partner company would contribute developing an end user application. The partner would have complete freedom in the design of the application as long as the volumetric stream is the core component. Applications surrounding the transmission of moving elements or people are preferable over those with static objects. The Spanish SME is open to collaborate with companies from any country, and would also be interested in collaborating with universities or research and development institutions.
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+380 99 446 09 06

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