Ukrainian company manufacturer of souvenirs and ceramics decor is looking for partners on the basis of distribution service agreement or manufacturing agreement, commercial agency agreement

Ukrainian company manufacturer of souvenirs and ceramics decor is looking for partners on the basis of distribution service agreement or manufacturing agreement, commercial agency agreement.
Ukrainian company specializing in the production of ceramic products has developed a handmade technique for the production of unique decorative elements for home and interior. They are looking for European partners active in the home, garden and decor industries to enter international markets through distribution agreements, commercial agency or manufacturing agreement.
Ukrainian manufacturer, with experience since 2005, specializes in the creation of unique handmade decorative items for the interior of the home, office, hotel, which create an unique atmosphere.The main activity of the company is the manufacture of ceramic products: interior vases, ceramic bases for lamps, figurines of animals, dancers, ballerinas, religious ritual objects, chest of drawers box, money boxes and decorative elements of various shapes and sizes, taking into account the individual wishes of the customer. The productivity of the company is from 300 to 600 pieces of products per day.The production process begins with the selection of ceramic mass from certified manufacturers. Each item is prepared for transportation with care for the fragility of such items, wrapped in shockproof bubble foil and placed in a porralon box and packed in a box made of thick cardboard or wooden crate for safe transportation.The company is looking for international distributors and sales agents such as home furnishings and décor stores, handicraft stores, garden supply stores, and others to partner with for further growth in overseas markets. Future distributors should be able to sell ceramic products in their local market; thus, it is preferable that the partner has a well-established customer network. Distributors should send inquiries to the Ukrainian company upon receipt of an order for a specific number of products. Prospective commercial agents should be able to represent the company and its products in the local market, integrating products manufactured by the Ukrainian company into their own product range.We are ready to work on the basis of a manufacturing agreement to meet individual customer requirements.
In its production, the company uses certified environmentally friendly materials. All products are copyrighted. The assortment is constantly updated depending on the customer wishes. Team members are committed to being available 24/7 to their clients.
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The Ukrainian company is looking for partners from Europe to conclude distribution services agreement and a commercial agency agreement. The company would prefer partners from the home, garden and decor sector such as decorative shops, handicraft stores, DIY stores, funeral agencies, garden accessory stores, home and garden furniture and accessories stores and other similar facilities. A potential distributor must have his own distribution network to provide logistics in the local market. A potential commercial agent should be able to represent Ukrainian manufacturers in the local market.
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Commercial agency agreement
Distribution services agreement
Manufacturing agreement
Industry SME 11-49
Enterprise Europe Network Contact
Contact Person: Nataly Shved
+380 99 446 09 06

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