The startup has outlined a free 3D protective mask design. Its site was busted

Chilean startup Copper3D, which works on masks that protect against toxins and infections, has exposed the 3D design of the NanoHack protective mask. Let’s briefly talk about the mask, as well as the site where you can download its 3D design.

Mask from Copper3D

One NanoHack mask has been printing for about 2 hours, its design has been laid out so that other startups, educational institutions, makers can quickly create protection during an epidemic.

The company called this company Hack the Pandemic: in the first two days it was attended by representatives of 48 countries, and the mask design was downloaded 3 million times. People from around the world send companies photos of printed masks:

Where to download a 3D protective mask design

On the startup site. However, it is periodically unavailable due to the large number of visitors: on March 20 co-founder of the company Daniel Martinez reported that the server could not support more than 500,000 concurrent visitors.

A 3D protective mask design is also available on Thingiverse.

3D printing helps

According to Cnet, many 3D printing companies have come to help the global community fight the spread of coronavirus. Materialise has put the design of secure door handles in terms of infection.

US-based SmileDirectClub has announced that it is using its 3D printing capabilities to help print the medical supplies needed during the epidemic.

Czech Prusa Research has laid out a prototype for a face shield that can be printed in 3D. According to the company, it is now being tested at the Czech Ministry of Health. Similar initiatives are being launched around the world.


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