Zelensky announced the launch of an all-Ukrainian online school. It will start on April 6

In his video address, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced the launch of an all-Ukrainian educational project aimed at giving Ukrainian children free remote access to knowledge. Kids can learn through Facebook or YouTube.

  • The launch of the All-Ukrainian School Online, as Zelensky called it, scheduled for Monday, April 6.
  • 40 Kyiv teachers will conduct the classes.
  • Currently, there are daily shooting classes for students in grades 5-11.
  • In total within the project will read 11 subjects. The list will be published later.
  • Classes will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube, as well as daily in the morning by a number of Ukrainian TV channels. One or more TV channels will be assigned to each class and their list will be published the other day.
  • Schedule lessons for the week while preparing. Zelensky promises to publish it in the coming days as well.

Source: novator.io

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