SumDu scientists have developed a clinical protocol for the treatment of patients with COVID-19

Specialists of Sumy State University Medical Institute have created a standard of care for people with moderate or severe COVID-19 disease. This protocol has already been approved by the health department of Sumy Regional State Administration. Therefore, local hospital professionals will be able to use it when working with patients.

“The standard of providing medical assistance to patients with COVID-19, developed by us, is the basis of local protocols in Ternopil, Odesa and Volyn. The therapy uses groups of antiviral, antibacterial, antipyretic drugs. Their effectiveness has been demonstrated in a number of serious cases, so timely appointment of treatment increases the likelihood of recovery of the patient”, – said the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases with SSU Mykola Chemich.

He noted that the protocol for the use of medicines in patients with COVID-19 was based on WHO and CDC recommendations. It should be emphasized that the protocol takes into account other countries’ work experience and treatment algorithms in China, Israel, Iran, Italy, Palestine, etc.

The development of an algorithm for the treatment of COVID-19 was carried out by specialists of the university – Mykola Chemich, Oksana Chemich and Tetyana Binda. Among the drafters of the protocol – the chairman of the group of experts on infectious diseases of the health department of the Sumy regional state administration Irina Trotskaya and the city pediatric infectious diseases Marina Kornienko.

Recall that scientists from another Sumy university have created new antiseptics.

Source: МESU

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