Turkish University has created a cabin that destroys viruses and bacteria in 1 minute

At Malatya University Inenu Technopark, which is located in Turkey, a booth has been developed that destroys bacteria and viruses on clothing and skin within 1 minute. The cabin at the prototype stage did not adversely affect human health.

The company, located in the Technopark at Inuyu University, began to develop the cabin 1.5 months ago. According to the data, in contrast to the disinfection tunnels, the designed cabin destroys viruses and bacteria on external surfaces in 1 minute. It was noted that the cabin, which destroys other harmful viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19 viruses, is harmful to human health.

A cabin called “Clean All” was made as a prototype. It is known that the device has successfully passed all tests in the microbiology laboratory of the medical faculty of Inuyu University, and can soon be used in medical institutions, especially in crowded areas, to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Rector of Inuyu University, Professor Ahmet Kyzylai, speaking at the presentation of the device said that it gives successful results with their tests in laboratories:

“There’s a big pandemic in the world that has affected both our country and our city. As life goes back to normal, people are more likely to wonder how to protect themselves. This device can be the answer to this question. The cabin destroys bacteria, which are on clothing, on their skin and hair, based on the logic of ozonation. With the available data, we believe that the device is also effective against coronavirus. The system is quite safe, given the amount of ozone”.

The representative of the manufacturer Tugce Kaya, said that all patents and reports on the device were received, adding that in the near future they will begin mass production.

Source: fishki.net

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