Diagnostics of power systems: Ukrainian scientists have created a technique for drones

Scientists of Kharkiv National Technical University “KPI” have created a new method for diagnosing emergency conditions in the Ukrainian energy system using drones.

A comment on the invention was provided to the correspondent of Ukrinform by the vice-rector of KPI for scientific work, Professor Andriy Marchenko.

“The energy complex of Ukraine includes a developed infrastructure – electric power generation stations, distribution substations, an extensive electric network. However, to date, the equipment of the energy complex is quite worn out, so the existing diagnostic system does not allow ensuring the necessary level of its failure-free operation. On the other hand, there are modern drones which are characterized by high maneuverability and controllability, but they are usually equipped exclusively with optical observations with video cameras and night-vision devices Our scientists have created such diagnostic devices and methods that they can be placed on drones and that they can identify various technical problems in the course of monitoring the electromagnetic field from power lines, diagnose sound noise and solve the problem automated monitoring of power system facilities, in particular, to determine the exact location of accidents on power lines”, – said Marchenko.

According to instruments and methods, then, according to him, on the basis of the developed mathematical models, a hardware-software complex for identifying and monitoring current parameters, as well as electric network modes.

“The foundations have also been formed for the creation of methods and tools for monitoring the state of insulation, lightning protection systems, the integrity of the structures of electric power facilities using UAVs, including high-voltage power lines, high-voltage substations, thermal power plants, hydroelectric power stations, nuclear power plants”, – added the professor.

The scientific work “The use of drones to improve the safety and efficiency of the energy system of Ukraine” was created in collaboration with representatives of Vinnytsia National Technical University, Institute of Technical Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkivoblenergo. It proves that the use of drones is the most promising modern method for diagnosing the state of energy facilities, which requires significantly less energy than existing ones.

According to Marchenko, this work was submitted for the 2020 State Prize in Science and Technology. The results of scientific research of scientists used in energy companies of Ukraine, in particular in the JSC “Kharkivoblenergo”.

Source: ukrinform.ua

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