Acceptance of applications for the second competition of the National Research Fund has begun, teams of leading and young scientists will be able to receive support in it

The website of the National Research Foundation has opened accepting applications for the second competition of scientific and technical projects of the National Fund for Science – “Support for research by leading and young scientists”. You can go from today, May 21, to June 26, 2020 (23:59 Kyiv time).

The competition is industry-wide, that is, not limited in directions, and collective – for groups of 2 to 7 scientists. To submit a project, its supervisor and executors must first register on the foundation’s website. Then one of them should fill out an application online and add a number of documents in pdf format.

It is also possible to additionally attract up to 3 assistants from among young scientists and students to the project. They do not need to register on the site, but their participation must be indicated in the application, without specifying specific names.

Thanks to this competition, we want to support the best Ukrainian scientists working at the world level, and their young students. In particular, at least 50% of the project executors should be young scientists. At the same time, we set rather high requirements for the scientific production of the project manager”, – said the chairman of the NFD Leonid Yatsenko.

So, only a scientist who can be a project manager from the mathematical, natural, technical, biological, agricultural and medical sciences:

  • has a scientific degree;
  • is the author (or co-author, if there are no more than 15 co-authors) or at least 5 publications for 2015-2020, or at least 10 publications for 2010-2020. in periodicals of the first (Q1) and second (Q2) quartiles according to the classification of Journal Citation Reports or Scimago.

A project manager in the humanities, social, economic, legal sciences may be a scientist:

  • has a scientific degree;
  • has scientific publications in professional periodicals indexed by Scopus and WoS, or is the author of a scientific monograph (co-author of a collective monograph) issued (or prepared for publication and announced by a publishing house) in a foreign language outside Ukraine, except for the CIS countries;
  • is the author (co-author, if there are no more than 3 co-authors) of a scientific monograph published over the past 5 years in Ukraine, which has received an award (prize, award) of national or international competitions or received at least three positive reviews published in professional scientific periodicals.

It is important that one individual can be represented in only one application filed for this competition.

It is also necessary to pay attention that the application is submitted exclusively in electronic form; paper documents do not need to be sent to the fund. Each executor of the project, including the leader, is identified by an electronic signature when submitting an application. You can get the corresponding electronic keys at some banks, at the tax office, at certified private companies, a full list of which can be found here.

Detailed tender conditions, project requirements and document forms can be found in the official announcement.

The budget of the competition for 2020 is UAH 150 million. Total project budget:

  • with a deadline of 2020-2021. – up to UAH 10 million;
  • with a deadline of 2020-2022. – up to UAH 15 million.

That is, the maximum amount of financing for the project annually is UAH 5 million.

The examination and debriefing will be completed by August 18, 2020.

On May 22, a competition commission will be formed. It will include recognized scientists proposed by each section of the scientific council of the foundation (at least 7 from the section).

After the acceptance of applications, the commission will check them for compliance with the criteria. In case of compliance, refer experts for consideration – there will be at least 3 of them for each project, including foreign experts.

Based on the results of the examination, the competition commission will form a rating list of projects and provide proposals on the winners and the amount of funding for their work. The final results will be approved by the Scientific Council of the National Fund for Science, after which they will be published on the fund’s website.

We remind you that on May 15, the acceptance of applications for the first competition of scientific and scientific-technical projects of the National Research Foundation – “Science for Human and Social Security” began.

Source: МESU

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