In Ukraine, the production of eco-friendly disposable tableware has begun: it decomposes in a maximum of two years

Our former compatriot, and now a citizen of Great Britain Sergiy Shimchenko (pictured right), together with business partner Igor Diaconu, opened the production of environmentally friendly disposable tableware in a paper in Ukraine. Dishes in two years completely decompose in the environment.

Sergiy Shimchenko told that he was born and raised in Zaporizhzhia. He studied there as a lawyer, worked in his specialty. Seven years ago, he came with his wife to the UK, carrying a small bag with things and a modest supply of money. He managed to become an entrepreneur in the UK, to open a company engaged in the transport of goods. This company continues to operate successfully.

— Now I spend more time in Ukraine than in the UK”, – Sergiy Shimchenko told. – We are not indifferent to environmental issues, so we wanted to make our tangible contribution to protecting the environment. You probably know about the decision of the European Parliament to completely ban the use of disposable plastic utensils, thin bags, tubes, as well as sticks with cotton swabs for ears from January 1, 2021. By the way, as far as I know, a similar ban is planned to be introduced in Ukraine from 2022.

So, I, with my old friend, a native of Moldova Igor Diaconu, opened at the end of last year in Ukraine the production of environmentally friendly disposable tableware – several types of plates and tubes. We plan in the near future to expand the range with disposable glasses and food boxes, also made of paper, quickly decomposing in the environment.

— Experts draw attention to the fact that paper disposable tableware is covered with a thin layer of plastic – to protect it from getting wet. Because of this, it can hardly be called environmentally friendly, because plastic can decompose for several centuries. Do you make plates of such paper?

— No. This is a special paper, resistant to soaking, without a plastic coating. In cold water, it can stay for more than a day without losing its original properties. Contact with hot liquids lasts less time, but this is not practical, because any food cools quite quickly.

The certified paper and food glue that we use are produced abroad. But we plan to buy in the future and paper of Ukrainian production – made from fallen leaves.


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