Instead of Youtube. Ukrainian developers have created an application that allows you to “come to life” fairy tales

The Ukrainian-American startup gave out a famous Ukrainian fairy tale in an unusual format: the heroes begin to move if they point at the text with a smartphone.

A special augmented reality application along with the book was developed by Ukrainians – Vinnytsia manager Olexandr Musica and programmer Oleg Koval, who lives in the USA, in Connecticut.

The idea of the application to Olexandr Musica suggested his little son.

“I read fairy tales, unfortunately, this did not happen often before, and my son asks: dad, why when we watch the cartoon, Kolobok comes to life on the TV screen, but he doesn’t come to life with us? Then I rummaged through the Internet and found technology such as augmented reality. And from that time, it was 5-6 years ago, the technology has grown”, – says Olexandr.

Later, Olexandr met Oleg, who worked in the field in the United States, and they founded a joint startup.

“We use augmented reality technology using Unity. We are making a mobile application for Android and Apple devices. It can be smartphones, tablets. The technology works in such a way that it activates the camera on your mobile device, and when the camera sees a picture, it recognizes it as a code and draws a picture on the screen of your phone”, – says Oleg.

The first fairy-tale issued by the startup – Kolobok – has musical accompaniment and professional scoring. If the heroes stop the cursor and press, he will start talking or singing – while English and Russian. But now the project is being adapted for 12 more languages, including Ukrainian. This is done by Ukrainians in Canada.

“It is very important to have Ukrainian books so that children do not forget the Ukrainian language. It seems to me that the project is very interesting. We also planned to create the Ukrainian alphabet with various animals”, – says Tatyana Gutnik, project manager in Canada.

A fairy tale with augmented reality in 2020 launched in America. The developers say: the goal of the project is to teach children to use gadgets to good use and draw attention to Ukrainian literature.

Now the book can be bought both in Ukraine and in the USA. The startup plans to issue other Ukrainian fairy tales in this format.


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