In Japan, scientists have created a robot that kills coronavirus indoors

The Japanese company Farmroid has successfully tested a device that automatically treats indoor surfaces from influenza viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus, using ultraviolet light. It is reported by Robotrends.

– The tests were carried out in a hospital at the medical faculty of the University of Nihon. As a result of testing the device, it was found that from a distance of 10 cm and in about two and a half seconds it almost completely (99.9%) kills viruses, the newspaper writes.

So, the UV Buster device irradiates surfaces with far-ultraviolet with a shorter wavelength. This type of radiation has more destructive properties compared to ordinary ultraviolet, which passes through the ozone layer.

At the same time, scientists noted that the ultraviolet light that a robot treats surfaces from a distance of ten centimeters can damage the retina of the human eye, so when working with it, increased security measures are required.

It is planned that the devices will be used in hospitals, airports and in offices to combat the second wave of the pandemic.

“The hospital is going to use this device in order to“ prevent the spread of the coronovirus and prepare for the second wave (infectious disease)”, – said Professor Yasuhiro Ghon, a professor of pulmonology at the University of Nihon.

According to the company, since July of this year, these robots will go on sale. The company intends to produce robots to order and does not plan to sell them to individuals.


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