Oscar for Ukrainian innovators – registration for the final of Ukraine Innovation Awards 2020 is open

Ukraine will have its own innovation award – Ukraine Innovation Awards 2020.

On July 2, online rewarding of the best corporate and start-up innovators, investors and entrepreneurs will take place, which in 2020 helped businesses become more efficient. The winners of the digital award will be announced at the startup conference 42 Investment Summit.

The first to find out the names of the best can be pre-registered.

The idea to collect application cases of Ukrainian startups and technologies that can be used to increase the profitability and competitiveness of companies in the world belongs to the Center42 innovative agency. The USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine program was a partner of the Awards.

It is expected that the presented innovative cases will become a practical guide for leaders who decide to transform the business or begin to introduce innovations in organizations. In addition, the list of winners will receive additional promos among European and American investors and corporations.

Why is the Ukrainian innovation ecosystem an Oscar for Innovators?

  1. Give incentives to corporations to start innovation by showing examples of market colleagues and competitors. The Ukrainian market requires more companies open to innovation, launching new products and working with startups. According to an internal UNIT.City study, in 2018, only about 20% of Ukrainian top 100 corporations had experience working with startups. In Europe, this figure is several times higher. Successful examples of companies are the best incentive for top management of Ukrainian corporations to develop new innovative projects and products.
  2. Attract more international investors to Ukrainian innovations. The Ukrainian startup industry and the IT sector are increasingly dependent on international investors and customers. A recent study by UVCA and Deloitte showed that 87% of investments in Ukrainian startups in 2019 were received from funds outside the country. It is important for investors to show that the Ukrainian startup ecosystem is already known for dozens of companies with applied cases of success and growth. Therefore, one of the goals of the Ukraine Innovation Awards is to strengthen the country’s innovative and investment brand, and attract venture funds from the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia more often to look towards Ukraine.
  3. Launch a wave of entrepreneurship in Ukrainian society. The project has already begun to unite active players in the startup ecosystem – 170+ innovative cases have been collected, which were evaluated by more than 40 jury members from key companies, communities and organizations related to innovations, startups and investments in Ukraine.

Perhaps Ukraine Innovation Awards 2020 will become the platform that will contribute to the emergence of new innovations in the country and the new Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

Source: ain.ua

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