Top 6 Silicon Valley apps – list of local startups

Business Insider has published the top 6 popular apps used by startups in Silicon Valley. AIN.UA provides a complete list.

Hey – mail service

The mail service can group incoming messages and divide them into receipts, transactions, mailings, advertisements and private messages. When the user first receives an email, the service will ask you to approve this sender – in this way only priority messages will be sent to the email address.

  • Price — $99 / year
  • Site —

Clubhouse – voice chat

Clubhouse was founded by former Google developer Paul Davison and Rogan Seth. This is a voice social network in which users can chat in virtual chat rooms. To start talking or be invited to a conversation, you need to click the “Raise your hand” button, after which the creator of the room will decide who to give the floor to.

Roadtrip – music app

In Roadtrip, you can create virtual rooms where you can act as a DJ or listen to another person’s playlist. In the chat you can chat with other listeners and ask the DJ to switch the track.

Superhuman – postal service

The main feature of the service is the ability to quickly parse mail using a combination of hot keys. Superhuman allows you to see the profiles of interlocutors in social networks, also users can plan or cancel sending messages.

Notion – Collaboration Service

In the service, you can create joint task lists, notes, documents and tables. During work, users can chat with each other.

Collab – an application for collaboratively creating music videos

Three people can record independent music videos, and then the application synchronizes them with each other. The result is a clip in which you can also use the arrangement of other users.


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