3D meat. An Israeli startup announced an artificial printed steak

Startup Redefine Meat plans to start selling 3D printers for the production of vegetable-based steaks that mimic real beef, next year.

Before selling these unusual printers will be tested in several Israeli restaurants.

Meat substitutes are becoming increasingly popular among consumers who care about the welfare of animals and the environment, stimulating sales in stores of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

Redefine Meat, a company based in Rehovot, south of Tel Aviv, will conduct its Alt-Steak market test for the first time this year in high-end restaurants, and then present its 3D industrial printers to soft meat distributors in 2021.

“You need a 3D printer to mimic the muscle structure of an animal”, – said Yehar Ben-Sheetrit, Reuters CEO. The machines that will be launched next year will be able to print 20 kg per hour and, ultimately, hundreds of kilograms, at a lower price than real meat.

Founded in 2018, the company raised $ 6 million last year from companies led by CPT Capital, an investor in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Hanaco Venture Capital and German poultry group PHW also invested in a startup.

“The market certainly awaits a breakthrough in terms of texture improvement,” – says Stacy Payette, who runs Proteins for Life at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands. She said 3D printing is one of the technologies competing to improve the alternative texture of artificial meat.

Source: nv.ua

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