Prometheus launches free beginner investment course

The CFA Society Ukraine Association (part of the CFA Institute network) is launching a course on finance and investment on the Prometheus online education platform. The course is free, registration for it is open, and the training itself will begin on July 7. It was developed using a grant from the USAID Financial Sector Transformation project.

The course reveals what the investment market is, who its participants are and what tools are used there. According to the authors of the course, it is suitable for:

  • students who want to better understand how capital markets work;
  • those who start a career and want to understand investment tools;
  • non-financiers who are engaged in IT, HR, accounting or marketing, and want to speak with the financiers in the same language;
  • new investors.

The course will last four weeks and will consist of four modules. His listeners will be able to find out about:

  • participants in the global financial market and their cooperation;
  • how to build and manage an investment portfolio;
  • about how to analyze investment performance, etc.

CFA Institute is an international association of investment professionals that unites people with CFA Charter certification. To obtain such a certificate, the candidate must successfully pass exams at three levels and have 48 months of work experience in making investment decisions.

CFA Institute was founded in 1947 in the USA and now has about 170,000 members in 165 countries.


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