100% protection against coronavirus: a pneumoshool was invented at Ternopil Medical University

The team of inventors has been working on the development for two weeks.

At the Ternopil National Medical University, scientists have developed a new means of protection against coronavirus. Instead of a mask and glasses – a pneumoshell with filters. It’s simple and mobile.

But most importantly, as the inventors assure, the invention fully protects against COVID-19. This is stated in the plot of TSN at 19:30.

The team of inventors has been working on the pneumatic ball for two weeks already. Viral particles COVID-19 – these are those agents who do not have to get through this invention, assures its developer Andriy Kovalchuk. Because this is not just a hood with a transparent visor, but a helmet with a turbine and two filters.

“An innovative system to protect the respiratory system and scalp from infectious agents. The size of a viral particle can be on average about 100 nanometers, then such a filter does not allow odor molecules, the size of which is one nanometer. So, it is impossible for a virus to penetrate through this filter”, – says Andriy Kovalchuk.

But the main thing in this antiviral helmet is not tightness, but a turbine that pumps air inward, creating a zone of increased pressure.

“The helmet model and the concept is that the worker is protected by the fact that clean air is pumped into him and the infected air polluted with toxic agents cannot enter”, – explains the co-author of the project Andriy Pavlishin.

The helmet can be worn without removing the day, scientists say. The approbation is carried out on the laboratory assistant Oleg Kovalchuk. He has been working in this form for five hours, he says, with this protection it is even easier than with glasses and a mask.

“I breathe quite freely, I can hear well. In the same mask, the usual mask, it is simply not comfortable to work in it. The face fogs up and sometimes there is not enough breath. Such problems have never been noticed in a helmet”, – the laboratory assistant shared.

A helmet was developed on the basis of protection, which is used in viral and bacteriological laboratories. But they improved, made it smaller and lighter and connected to a portable charger. Development is already at the final stage. Ahead is only scientific research, which requires several million hryvnias, and then patenting.

“Even if we don’t win this national grant, for which we applied for a helmet, the university will find the resources to put this invention into practice. We will definitely do it in half a year”, – said Mikhailo Korda, rector of Ternopil National Medical University.

Because the medical university took up this development, first of all, for the safety of its employees, more than half of whom are doctors, practitioners. Scientists plan to develop ten types of such helmets.

Source: tsn.ua

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