Y Combinator Launches Online Library for Startups

Startup incubator Y Combinator has launched Startup Library, a free online startup library. Collected tips, articles, interviews and other useful materials created over 15 years of Y Combinator.

The library includes podcasts, texts on scaling a business, preparing MVPs, document templates, project pitching rules, helpful interviews with founders, and tips for working during a pandemic. The materials are grouped into almost 30 categories. The section will be updated.

The accelerator said that in this way they strive to support the community of founders, while entrepreneurship will become more accessible. Startup Library is an addition to the free training programs at Startup School.

“Over the past 15 years, Y Combinator has invested in or partnered with over 2,000 companies, and we have learned from their success and mistakes. The library contains knowledge and advice that we published earlier”, – the accelerator said in a statement.

Source: ain.ua

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