Ukrainian start-up video streaming service Restream raised $ 50 million

Restream service, created in Vinnytsia and incorporated in Austin, USA, raised $ 50 million during Round A. This became known to the AIN.UA editorial office.

$ 50 million round

Restream attracted a new round of $ 50 million from a number of investors, led by Sapphire Ventures and Insight Partners. Sapphire Ventures Managing Partner Paul Levine and Insight Partners Managing Partner Teddy Vardy have joined Restream’s board of directors.

Restream raised the last $ 4.5 million round in 2018 from Silverton Partners, Liquid2 and Anorak Ventures (CEO Greg Castle is one of the first investors in Oculus), as well as from James Armstrong (one of the first investors in PayPal).

What Restream does

The Restream product allows a streamer to simultaneously stream his video to 30 platforms from the company’s list of integrations, such as Twitch, Youtube, Periscope, Facebook and others. Videos can be streamed to several different groups at once on one platform. You can even pick up a video using an RTMP link and broadcast it on any server using the Restream streaming key. Additional Restream functionality that improves the interaction of streamers with their audiences on the platforms themselves are end-to-end chat and end-to-end analytics.

Olexandr Khuda and Andriy Surzhinsky founded Restream in January 2015.

Restream in figures

Since January 2020, the company has reported a 300% increase in monthly views of streamers using Restream. In July 2020, they amounted to 750 million. In total, the service has 2 million streamers, creating an average of 8 million streams per month.


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