The most expensive unicorn startups in the world – Revolut, Grammarly, GitLab (infographic)

The analytical platform CB Insights has compiled a complete list of global startups that are united by capitalization. The most “expensive” companies in different regions were included in the infographics. Among them are the fintech companies Revolut with a Ukrainian co-founder ($ 5.5 billion) and Transferwise with a development office in Cherkasy ($ 5 billion).

The full list can be viewed on the platform website. Unicorns can be sorted by value, region, industry, and date of origin with a billion-dollar company. The Ukrainian company Grammarly ($ 2.3 billion), Bitfury with a Ukrainian co-founder ($ 1 billion) and GitLab with a Ukrainian co-founder ($ 2.7 billion) are already appearing here.


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