Ukrainian Startup Fund will hold the eleventh Pitch Day

The Ukrainian Startup Fund will conduct the eleventh selection of startups that have received high marks from experts. Pitch Day will take place on September 11 at the UNIT.City innovation park.

“It’s only been a week since we saw the 10th anniversary day of the startups pitch, and a new decade will begin this Friday. As we promised earlier, the pace of events is accelerating and we are reaching stable two events a month. This will help reduce the waiting time. for teams, since we receive new applications literally every day. Startups are adapting to new economic conditions, but we are also adapting to an insane number of them”, – commented Pavlo Kartashov, director of the Ukrainian Startup Fund.

What startups will we see?

Eleven startups at the seed stage (applying for grant funding of $ 50,000 each) got on the eleventh Pitch Day. Meet:

  • АЛЬТЕР ЕКО ЕЗС. Creation of a network of high-quality charging stations for electric vehicles “ALTER ECO EZS” and operator service of the mobile charge management system “SmartPower 4U” based on domestic production.
  • МійКлас. Electronic school platform of the XXI century for the formation of the “New Ukrainian school”. Contains educational materials on the school curriculum of Ukraine in the Ukrainian language, mathematics, algebra, geometry, chemistry and other subjects.
  • КОНСУЛЬТАНТ. An online technological platform (marketplace), which makes it possible for anyone using a mobile application to receive online advice on legal and accounting issues, as well as to obtain contact information about a professional specialist in order to solve a specific problem. At the same time, it is possible for lawyers, accountants, auditors, notaries, private executors, patent attorneys, arbitration managers and other professionals to provide online consulting services, as well as to receive potential clients.
  • Артеріальна осцилографія. The methodology developed by the authors for analyzing pulsations when measuring blood pressure to assess the level of adaptive capabilities of the cardiovascular system; psycho-emotional stress; violation of the rhythm of heart contractions of the state of functioning of myocardial-hemodynamic homeostasis, the level of regulation and control of the state of the cardiovascular system, activity and interaction of various links of the nervous system; an expert system for the differential diagnosis of the risks of heart, lung, mental, COVID-19 diseases. Data is wirelessly transmitted to the web application via mobile or PC, depending on the specialty, information is displayed in the user’s office. It consists in the use of existing, if necessary, modernization of production of new modifications of pressure meters.
  • Provizio. Tonometer for measuring internal pressure in patients with glaucoma, at home, with wireless data transmission in real-time. Provizio software in the form of two mobile applications for the doctor and separately for the patient in real-time notifies the doctor of pressure changes and informs him of the available treatment options.
  • LookSize. A service for sizing without trying on in online clothing and footwear stores, which works as a widget and increases conversion by 270% and reduces returns by 28%.
  • HackenProof. SaaS platform for organizing bug bounty programs and coordinating vulnerabilities. By engaging the ethical hacker community and automating business processes, we are developing the most effective platform for coordinating the identification of vulnerabilities in IT products on the client-side.
  • Highers. A marketing network of social media channels to distribute career offers among students of Ukrainian universities. We already have more than 160K coverage among 40+ Kyiv universities and continue to grow actively. Our partners include Cisco, ProCredit Bank, P & G, Jooble and many other companies.
  • Dialik. Mobile application that helps prevent dangerous complications of high blood pressure.
  • Agrolabs. At Agrolabs, we help greenhouses increase yields and efficiency using IIoT sensors and predictive analytics.
  • Wizzylab. Online school constructor, which allows teachers to quickly create an online school website and a student’s office with payment acceptance and all the necessary functionality in 5 minutes without technical knowledge. It’s like wix for education.

Who will evaluate?

The exact list of experts will be known a little later. We will edit this release as soon as the jury is approved.

How to join?

Although the quarantine has been softened, the event will be closed to visitors, but open to the press. If you are a press representative you can ask for accreditation at this link. Limited number of seats. An online broadcast will also be available on our YouTube channel by the link, where everyone can follow the events in real time.

DATE: September 11. Registration at 12:30. Actual start at 13:00 and approximately until 19:00.

VENUE: Kyiv, st. Dorogozhitskaya, 3, building B8 (UNIT.City)


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