Israeli startup sells steak printers

With pea.

Vegetable cutlets, indistinguishable from meat cutlets in taste and appearance, have existed for several years, but so far they are in moderate demand. The cost of the vegetarian counterpart is high for a wide audience. Perhaps that’s why Israeli startup Redefine Meat is exploring a new line of business: retailing meat printers to restaurants. They will not print cutlets and sausages, but whole steaks, “meat” for roast beef, grilling and stewing, writes the site

“The idea is to replace the cow. Each of our machines can deliver as much product per day as a whole cow weighing about 250 kg”, – explained Ben-Shitrit.

Instead of fat, blood and fiber in the recipe, soy and peas, coconut and sunflower oil, and other ingredients, the full list of which the company keeps under wraps. It is only known that they are all vegetables.

It is believed that the production of artificial meat is not as harmful to nature as animal husbandry. The head of Redefine Meat, without undue modesty, calls his product “the best way to combat climate change and provide healthier food to the entire population of the planet”.

So far, the company has not disclosed the cost of the units. The first samples will go to high-tech restaurants in Israel, Switzerland and Germany towards the end of 2020.


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